The Impact of Cultural Investment in Cities and Regions

culture for cities and regions
The Impact of Cultural Investment in Cities and Regions

KEA is acting as scientific coordinator of the EU-funded project “Culture for Cities and Regions”, working together with Eurocities and ERRIN (networks representing respectively over 130 cities and more than 90 regions in Europe).

This 3-year project (€1 million funding from the Creative Europe programme) aims at:

•understanding the impact of cultural investment in cities and regions across Europe ;
•facilitating the exchange of experiences between local authorities through 15 study visits (ongoing) ;
•supporting policy development through tailored coaching services for 10 cities/ regions (to be launched in 2016).

KEA’s role is to:
•establish a catalogue of 70 case studies of interesting projects from cities and regions in the field of cultural heritage, creative industries, and social innovation (available here) ;
•lead study visits with experts in social and urban policies to encourage peer-learning between 90 local authorities;
•provide hands-on coaching to cities/ regions.

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