Before the Storm: Culture as an agent of transformation


In this pivotal work, Kern navigates the tumultuous landscape of our contemporary world, offering an intriguing exploration of the converging crises that define our era. Drawing upon his extensive experience in cultural policy and advocacy, Kern presents a compelling case for the integration of culture into our collective response to global challenges. He argues persuasively for the recognition of culture not as a luxury, but as an indispensable resource for building resilient communities and fostering sustainable development. 

At its core, “Before the Storm” is evidence of the resilience and ingenuity of the human spirit. Through a rich collection of insights and observations, Kern demonstrates how culture serves as both a mirror and a catalyst for societal change against a backdrop of uncertainty and turmoil: from the looming spectre of climate change to the disruptive forces unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Moreover, “Before the Storm” is testament to the enduring legacy of KEA European Affairs as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. Through this milestone publication, Kern pays homage to the organization’s tireless commitment to advancing the cultural agenda in Europe and beyond. 

The book invites us to embark on a journey of introspection and inspiration. It challenges us to confront the pressing issues of our time with courage and conviction, and to harness the power of culture and creativity as a path towards renewal and regeneration. For in the midst of the storm, there lies the promise of a brighter tomorrow. 

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