Manifesto for a Modern Cultural Policy

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Manifesto for a Modern Cultural Policy
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Culture is of extraordinary importance today, and of necessity, as it shapes values that determine our future, notably in relation to powerful disruptive technological and scientific development (linked to progress in biotechnology, genetic or data processing) as well as political upheavals threatening democracy. A future without culture would be a cause for great concern, as nothing would prevent humans from becoming like machines (a neuronal being) devoid of autonomy, ethic, values (freedom and justice), warmth, sentiments, convictions and consciousness.  In such a future, mankind would thus be denied any specificity, incapable of establishing a distance with “reality”, cut off from life and nature.

Global challenges (climate, migration, sustainability, health) are leading to the emergence of new international solidarities building a world citizenship. Our connected and globalized world requires a cultural policy that goes beyond the traditional national frame and that integrates other cultures.

Modern cultural policy should be designed to help culture work as a stimulant, an agent of transformation  steering a new enlightenment and collective will. The KEA Manifesto is designed to empower communities and individuals.

Download KEA’s Manifesto for a Modern Cultural Policy and discover the 19 principles for culture to work as a strategic agent of transformation.

Willing to start putting theory into practice? You can take a look at the KEA method to designing cultural policy and discover our approach to help territories make the most of their cultural resources.

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