KEA’s New Year Wishes for 2015

KEA’s New Year Wishes for 2015

2014 was another busy year for KEA covering many fronts: cultural economy, creative spillovers, intellectual property, art and science, mapping and statistical analysis, policy strategies for cities and regions, events’ organisation and EU funding applications.

We are looking forward to 2015 with the establishment of the European Creative Hub in Shenzhen (China) dedicated to help creative companies in the rising Chinese economy and also the launch of numerous European funding programs. KEA will continue to research ways of supporting the development of the culture and creative sectors worldwide and highlight the relevance of culture and art in societies’ well-being.   KEA will contribute further to the mainstreaming of culture, art and creative industries in policy strategies.

KEA social media platforms help to share information on developments that affect the cultural sector. Our Creative Europe groups on Facebook and Linkedin, but also WeChat, now gather more than 6000 followers. We are delighted that they are increasingly using the platform to link with partners for the development of concrete projects.

We would like to thank those that entrusted us with important missions and the people that contribute to our work through their encouragement or constructive criticism. This motivates us to continue to give our best.

I and the KEA team wish you all the best for the New Year !


Philippe Kern

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