Welcome Gabriel to the team!

Welcome Gabriel to the team!

We’re pleased to present to you Gabriel! He has joined KEA as a Research Trainee with the purpose of acquiring new skills and knowledge in the field of European projects and policy research.

Now, let’s take a moment to get to know him better!

Tell us more about your background and your interests at work 

Holding two Master’s degrees — one in Public Policy from Sciences Po Paris and one in Contemporary Philosophy from l’École Normale Supérieure — my academic training providing me with a multidisciplinary background that also reflects my genuine intellectual curiosity. After a first professional experience in international relations within the diplomatic Chancery of the French Embassy in Belgium and another on at the Cour des comptes, France’s supreme audit institution, I am now looking forward to furthering my understanding of European affairs.

Your mission at KEA and what you want to bring to the table 

I have always tried to find a common ground between public affairs and humanities and social sciences. In this respect, I am certain that cultural affairs and KEA’s missions as a research centre will be both stimulating and formative.

In the past years, I have conducted in-depth research on culture-related issues as well as on various European challenges. I am convinced that while the UE is a key player in the Creative and Cultural sector, culture itself is a strategic issue for the Union and all Europeans.

At KEA, I hope to learn new ways of addressing these challenges, but also to develop skills in terms of quantitative analysis. More broadly, I hope to gain a better understanding of the whole European ecosystem when it comes to cultural affairs.

Tell us something you love to do outside of work! 

I love travelling, especially to unusual places where you can find hidden gems. I also like theatre and I had the opportunity to act in a few plays. In addition, I play the piano and organ, and would love to learn to play the saxophone!

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