For culture to contribute to the European project!

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For culture to contribute to the European project!
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KEA joins the call from Europe’s cultural & creative sectors to make culture more central to EU policies.

The European Commission is about to present its draft Regulation for the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework. In this context, the cultural and creative industries are requesting more attention from policy makers on the potential for cultural workers to contribute to economic and social innovation. The arts, creativity and intercultural mediation are key to mutual understanding, solidarity and sustainable prosperity between individuals, communities and nations. Culture whilst a driving factor in shaping the world can no longer be marginalised at EU policy level.

The future of the European project lies in its ability to mobilise cultural resources to get closer to citizens, stimulate creativity, enhance the quality of life in cities and rural areas, encourage transformation through artistic interventions and entrepreneurial initiatives. It is only by standing firm on preserving and promoting the richness of its cultural diversity that Europe will be able to remain relevant in a globalised world.

Read the open letter to EU institutions signed by 67 organisations from across Europe’s cultural and creative sectors.

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