Needs & opportunities in the audiovisual and news media sectors (B version)

This interactive tool (Beta version) outlines the main EU-related support opportunities for audiovisual and news media sectors, as of 2021. It covers funding streams beyond Creative Europe, such as Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, InvestEU or the the funding mechanisms included in the recovery package branded Next Generation EU. It is the first practical guide for operators of all sections of the audiovisual and news media value chains on where to find EU support for their activities and needs. This Beta version covers the information which is currently available on the various relevant EU funding programmes. As the legal basis and the annual work programmes for the different programmes are currently being finalised, more information will be included in the next iterations of this tool.

How to navigate the guide?

Start by clicking on the node in the centre Who are you? and navigate step by step by pointing out the type of entity and the sector of activity you represent, as well as the main needs you are trying to get support for. The guide will highlight the EU programmes relevant to your queries. The final result will be a detailed overview of the most relevant instruments you can apply for, including practical information on available budgets, application process, eligibility criteria and where to address further queries.