Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Having doubts or looking for answers about the interactive tool? Find below the most common questions we get asked about.

What does the News Media sector comprise?

The News Media sector, as defined in the 2020 EU News Media and Audiovisual Action Plan includes printed and online press, publishers, radio and audiovisual services. All these sectors of activity are included in the scope of the interactive tool.

Are associations included in the scope of the tool?

Fragmentation is one of the biggest challenges the European news media and audiovisual sectors are facing. While these sectors are largely composed of SMEs, start-ups and some bigger media companies, (not-for-profit) associations form an equally important part of the media ecosystem. Although the mission and activities of these various types of stakeholders are mostly different, they do experience intersecting needs covered by EU support. The present tool was developed based on a needs analysis of the news media and audiovisual sectors, including non-profit associations. Please bear in mind that the aim of this Beta version is to strike a balance between the specificity of the various stakeholders' needs and the level of information around the EU funds and programmes available at the current stage. Future iterations of this tool may include additional navigation options.

Is non-financial support included in the scope of the tool?

Valuable non-financial support is provided under several EU programmes. Whenever information on relevant non-financial support schemes is available for the future EU programmes, such information is presented amongst the potential opportunities.

Does the tool provide guidance on preparing applications for EU funding?

The tool does not provide guidance on bid writing or the overall preparation of applications. On this topic, we encourage you to contact the Creative Europe Desk in your country, the Erasmus or Horizon Europe National Contact Points.

Is support provided for partner finding for EU projects?

The tool does not offer support in finding potential partners for your project ideas. However, a good starting point is offered elsewhere by the European Commission, via the Funding & Tender opportunities Portal which features "Partner Search" options.