Apolline Terrier joins KEA

Apolline Terrier joins KEA

We’re pleased to welcome Apolline Terrier to the team! Apolline is joining us as our new Senior Consultant!

Let’s meet her a little bit better!


Tell us more about your background and your interests at work

I studied law and public policy. Spent the last 6 years in consultancy specifically looking at science, technology and innovation policy in Europe (and elsewhere).

I have a strong interest in digital technologies, how they affect not only the economy but also society, with a special interest in their impact on CCS.


Your mission at KEA and what you want to bring to the table

I’m joining as a senior consultant, hoping to bring a tech lens to our understanding of the future of CCS.


Tell us something you love to do outside of work!

I’m a passionate surfer (on waves, not the internet) 😊🏄‍♀️


We can’t wait to see what Apolline is capable of and accomplish great things together!

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